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Crest Whitestrips Supreme Teeth Whitening Strips 14-Treatment Value Pack (28 Strips) Zoom

Key Facts

14-Pack = 14 Upper and 14 Lower Strips

No gum irritation!

Maximum whitening strength available

No messy trays - only wear for 30 mins

Crest Whitestrips Supreme Teeth Whitening Strips 14-Treatment Value Pack (28 Strips)

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Crest Whitestrips Supreme is the ultimate teeth whitening system - maximum strength gel that is applied to your teeth in a super-convenient strip form and worn for only 30 minutes!

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Product Description


Crest Whitestrips Supreme: Our Bestselling Teeth Whitening Kit!


Key Facts about Crest Whitestrips Supreme teeth whitening strips

Crest Whitestrips are the world's most popular teeth whitening product: available in a variety of different strengths the Supreme version are the strongest and usually only available directly from your dentist - you won't find them in the shops!

Crest Whitestrips use a unique '3D Advance' strip design: the premium whitening gel is embedded onto an ultra-thin strip of clear plastic that is stuck to the front surface of your teeth. The new formula means the strips stick better than ever and create a water-tight seal on your teeth, simply wrap the edges of the strip around your teeth and apply light finger pressure to the front of the strip to push into place.

Strips are worn for only 30 minutes, during this time you can talk and even drink water normally: perfect if you have a busy life and don't want your teeth whitening to get in the way.

Results can be seen from the first use, with full results visible after only 1-2 weeks. Any left-over strips can then be used for top-ups every 6-12 months to keep your teeth beautifully white.



Amazing results: Up to 16 shades whiter teeth in just 2 weeks!

No gum irritation or messy trays!

Amazing value, 28 strips included.

Crest Whitestrips Supreme is our best-selling teeth whitening solution: our customers love the convenience, results and value - find out for yourself!

* Please note: Box not included in 14-Strip and 28-Strip Value Packs. 

Get up to 16 shades whiter teeth

With Crest Whitstrips you can whiten from C4 up to B1, a total of 16 shades. Just stop when you've reached the shade you want!

*Please note: severely discoloured teeth may take longer than 2 weeks to whiten and you may need additional strips to reach your required shade


Maximum Strength Peroxide Whitening

Crest Whitestrips Supreme contain the highest strength teeth whitening gel available from Crest and the strongest that we sell on Dentstore. If you want maximum whitening results, in the shortest amount of time and the most convenient method Crest Whitestrips Supreme are for you!


Usually only available from Dentists!

Crest Supreme are usually only available from your dentist - the results you can get are as good if not better than professional teeth whitening and don't require you to wear trays.


100% Enamel Safe and no gum irritation!

Due to the unique strip design the gel can't come into contact with your gums meaning no more gum irritation! The maximum strength whitening formula is safe to tooth enamel and will damage your teeth in any way, with a brand like Crest you can whiten in complete confidence.


How to use Crest: Step by Step

Please note, complete detailed instructions are included with each order

Step 1: Remove Strips from Pouch

Each pouch contains 1 x upper strip and 1 x lower strip on a plastic backing.

The larger strip goes onto the upper teeth, peel of the strip from the backing.

Step 2: Apply the strips to your teeth

Place the strip carefully onto the front of your teeth with the top of the strip resting just below the gumline.

Use light finger pressure to push the strip tightly onto your teeth, getting into the gaps between the teeth sligthly.

Wrap the bottom of the strip around your teeth so it rests securely on the back of the teeth.

Step 3: Wear for 30 minutes!

Whilst wearing the strips you can talk and even drink water however it is not advisable to smoke or eat until after whitening.

Once finished, peel away the strip and rinse with water.

Wear for 30-60 minutes for up to 3 weeks (or stop when desired shade reached).

Key Facts

Key Facts

Whitening Strength
  • 14 x Pouches containing 14 upper and 14 lower whitening strips
  • Clear and detailed instructions
Gel Concentration 14% Hydrogen Peroxide (equivalent to 42% Carbamide Peroxide)
Kind to enamel?
Safe & Dentist Approved?
Enough gel included for: 14 upper and 14 lower applications
Wear Time 30-60 Minutes
Results visible 3 Days
Results last Up to 3 Years
Recommended for Maximum whitening results, Quickest results, Safest whitening, Whitening touch-ups
Made in USA
Covered by Dentstore Guarantee?
Storage & Shelf Life Store in the fridge when not in use. Shelf life approximately 18 months.


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Whitening Safety

Does teeth whitening damage the enamel or gums?

No! All the teeth whitening products you find on are manufactured by leading accredited teeth whitening brands and are 100% enamel-safe and meet all American safety regulations. Our products are pH-neutral: they will not dissolve or damage the enamel of your teeth and although teeth whitening gel can irritate gums if it spills onto them any irritation is temporary and no permanent side-effects have ever been documented in the dental research.

Teeth whitening gel works by soaking into the teeth through the micro-holes in the surface where it acts on large staining molecules, bleaching them into white molecules. This makes the tooth appear lighter and brighter. The gel does not effect the hard minerals in the tooth.


Whitening your teeth safely: What you need to know

Teeth whitening using peroxide-based teeth whitening gel is safe and effective when all instructions are followed carefully.

Teeth whitening gel has 2 main side-effects: sensitivity and gum irritation. Sensitviity affects over 80% of people who whiten their teeth, it is usually felt after 1 or 2 days of teeth whitening and is similar to biting into ice cream. The sensation only lasts a fraction of a second and can occur several times a day spontaneously or when eating/drinking hot and cold things. Although this can feel alarming, it is perfectly normal and occurs with professional and home treatments equally. Sensitivity usually decreases after 3 days or within 2 days of stopping whitening and is not permanent.

Gum irritation is more common in home teeth whitening kits as the trays are usually not as close fitting as professionally made ones. If peroxide gel contacts the gums it can cause a localised chemical burn and may temporarily turn the gums white. Gum irritation can be sore and if severe may cause sloughing of the gums - the effects are however not permanent and the gums recover back to their original form quickly.

Who should not whiten their teeth?

Teeth whitening is not recommended in the following individuals;

  • Pregnant and nursing women (due to lack of testing to ensure complete safety)
  • Those with severe gum disease
  • Those recoving from gum/oral surgery

Teeth whitening is also not recommended if you have crowns (caps), veneers, bridges or fillings visible at the front of your mouth as the whitening gel will bleach the surrounding natural teeth but cannot whiten artificial materials - this may lead to dental work becoming more obvious as the colour is no longer matched to your natural teeth.


Tips and tricks for avoiding sensitive teeth

Sensitivity can be uncomfortable and may stop you whitening as often as you wish, meaning results can take longer to achieve.

Sensitivity can be avoided by using desensitising gels - these contain the same ingredient as found in sensodyne toothpaste but in much more concentrated form and act to calm the nerves of the teeth. Simply apply the gel to the trays and wear over the teeth for 20-30 minutes either before or after teeth whitening as needed.

Tips and tricks for avoiding sore gums

Sore gums can be caused by gel leaking out of the trays onto the sensitive gum around the teeth. The first thing to try is trimming your trays down along the gum line, this means only the teeth are covered by the trays so any excess that leaks out can be simply wiped away with a cotton bud or your finger!

Another tip is to be careful not to apply too much gel to the trays - you only need a small dot of gel for each tooth (approximately 0.25ml per tray). The gel will diffuse into the teeth so don't worry about covering the entire surface.

Terms & Conditions

Important Legal Information: UK/EU Orders Only

On September 20th of 2011 the EU amended the law that covered the use of and supply of Teeth Whitening products that contain Hydrogen Peroxide. The EU Directive has now stated that it considers the use of Hydrogen Peroxide products with levels of up to 6% are safe to use but you must have had your first treatment at a Dentist. This amendment only applies to the UK & EU.

By ordering from the website and by agreeing to our terms and conditions on the checkout page you are confirming that;

You hold a valid qualification in Dental Surgery from an appropriate European Union university OR if you are not a dental professional, you have had an initial treatment utilising a hydrogen peroxide-based teeth whitening product by your Dentist and they have given you their approval to use the type of teeth whitening product(s) available from this website in order to complete a cycle of treatment.

Peroxide products with >6% hydrogen peroxide (or equivalent) are ONLY available for research purposes and are NOT intended for cosmetic use if purchased for delivery within the European Union. By placing your order you are agreeing to this condition. 

We reserve the right to make random checks on individuals who order to ensure that they are dental professionals and are using the products in accordance with the law. If we feel these products will not be sold/used in a legal manner we reserve the right to CANCEL your order.

For all orders of non-peroxide products, or non UK/EU orders, these conditions DO NOT apply.